Cleaning Up Your Data With a Single API

Big data provides enterprises with an increasing variety of data signals that can be used for decision making. From targeted marketing to identity verification, enterprises rely on data intelligence to perform their jobs. But can companies always depend on their data? The unfortunate reality is that most businesses use outdated or otherwise inaccurate data every day.

Data hygiene refers to the processes implemented to ensure the cleanliness of data. Data is considered “clean” when it is relatively error-free. Corrupt, or “dirty,” data is inaccurate information. This can be caused by a number of factors including incomplete or outdated, duplicate, or missing information, as well as data that is not properly integrated from other systems. Experian reports that 69% of organizations feel that inaccurate data is “undermining their ability to provide an excellent customer experience.”

It has become critically important that companies, understanding the damaging effects of bad data, enact processes to “clean” their customer data. This delivers a massive benefit no matter which markets they serve. Removal of all outdated or incorrect information leaves only highest quality information. Clean data allows companies to analyze data sets with confidence and draw the best possible conclusions.

Benefits range from:

  • Reduced costs
  • Streamlined internal processes
  • Trend anticipation
  • Effective marketing and sales efforts

Data cleansing (data scrubbing) is the process that identifies and removes inaccurate data while replacing it with current information. While incoming data should be validated on an ongoing basis, the frequency of a complete data scrub depends on a number of factors, such as the amount and speed of data collected, and the quality of sources along with the data management processes.

Organizations that maintain clean databases can improve customer acquisition by developing lists of prospects using accurate and updated data. By increasing the efficiency of customer acquisition, end costs are reduced. Telo’s EveryoneAPI is a perfect tool to begin data cleansing efforts as it provides a large number of data points at economical rates. Curious if a prospect’s phone is still active and can receive texts? Check out “Activity Status” and “Linetype” on the Try It Tool for free before attempting to reach a customer prospect using that number.

While data cleansing is a crucial step that organizations should take to improve overall performance, it’s also important to prevent the accumulation of dirty data in the first place. While not only providing the data necessary for occasional data hygiene projects, EveryoneAPI allows ongoing data validation as new leads are funneled into a company’s database.

Using reliable and effective sources is an important element of success for good data hygiene habits. EveryoneAPI promotes ongoing, effective data management, powering the information tools so critically needed for enterprises to succeed.