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Welcome to the EveryoneAPI Blog!

What will you find posted on the EveryoneAPI blog? Our team here at Telo will be providing you with product announcements, support tips and insights on using data to help your business. We will also be contributing open source goodies to the community that will be featured right here on the EveryoneAPI blog.

At Telo our goal is to continue to work hard every day at providing developer friendly data API solutions. Part of doing that is sharing insight and pro tips with the community. Next week we will begin to publish our first few posts on what type of data is available on EveryoneAPI and how businesses can use that to their advantage. Over time various applications of the data will be covered, which will cover a number of industries. Everything from fraud mitigation to lead augmentation.

Check out the latest round of enhancements!

In the meantime let's take a quick look at some of the recent enhancements to EveryoneAPI. For starters the coverage on the address data-point has increased significantly. If you have tried to query a phone number for address using EveryoneAPI over the last few months you may want to test it again now. Our address coverage has increased nearly 15 fold. Additionally, we have added two new data-points that folks have been requesting. Profile is a meta data-point derived from social media content and is proprietary to telo. This data-point, when available, can return information such as education, hometown, job and even relationship status. Lastly, Line Provider is an data-point that will provide customers with the company that the end-user is doing business with (eg, Google Voice as opposed to Google's tier one carrier Bandwidth.com). Line Provider also comes with the sms and mms gateway email address, which in many cases will also messages to be sent to a phone via email.

We look forward to bringing developers the most friendly and powerful data APIs on the market.

We are excited about the enhancements that have been rolled out, but even more excited about what we have planned for 2015. So once again welcome to the EveryoneAPI blog.